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Praise the LORD for His wondrous Word that He has revealed in 4 days 3 nights ANZREC 2018.

Thank you for joining us in this year's ANZREC. We received so much blessings and love from all brothers and sisters in Christ across Australia and New Zealand.

We hope to see you soon! Soli Deo Gloria

His Story Continues!


Question & Answers

Question 1


Could I please ask your opinion regarding the music group Pentatonix's songs such as "Marry did you know" and "Silent Night"?


 I only know this group in general, however, hearing upon it briefly it seems that this music group is associated with pop. We need to grow in the depth of our music preference from the simple towards the complex and rich (which is essentially the same with learning the Word of God). I wrote a critical analysis regarding pop music and its association with pragmatism. You can refer to this website: Pop Music, Pragmatism, and Christianity | ETHOS Institute for Public Christianity.

Question 2


How do we execute cultural mandate in this postmodern era with the existence of pluralism and tolerance towards diverse beliefs?


When we speak of cultural mandate, it does not necessarily clash with the postmodern era in comparison to the gospel mandate. To execute the mandate of the gospel, we need to deliver the truth of the Word of God persuasively, not with force or the paradigm of power, as the latter is often assumed as being too modern. Whilst in regard to cultural mandate, we can observe an alternative culture that is produced by the Christian faith in the midst of existing diverse cultures, which allows people to judge which is richer in celebrating this life, which paradigm constructs humanity, and which radiates beauty, truth, and holiness.

Question 3


How do we view the centrality of the gospel mandate as we study and work? It is because I often observe 2 extremes: one, that prioritises events at church all the time, or the other that prioritises external events outside of church or studies. How do we know when to choose?


The answer is when we are honest and have a life that has fellowship with God, then we will know which one should we prioritise. This requires agility under the Holy Spirit's guidance.

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